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Kathryn A [userpic]
MFLW 2007: Changing All the Time

Title: Changing All the Time
Author: Mistral Amara
Universe: House
WorkType: Prose
Recipient: Izhilzha
Size: 720w
Rating: PG

Cameron examines her motives.


Oh, lovely! A thoughtful look inside Cameron's head after this particular episode--one which I think is very much canon, and which I appreciate.

And I enjoyed poor Wilson kind of being put on the spot by Cameron's determination to be friends. Spot-on. For both of them.

(and now I'm thinking of this particular song in terms of Cameron, and it's fitting rather well....)

Thanks! This was a bit scary, I don't usually do the character introspection bit. I actually wanted to write you some Numb3rs or perhaps SG-1, but Cameron insisted that was her song, and she wasn't going to let me write anything else until she got a story. She can be quite stubborn, apparently, so it's all her fault. ;-)

I have to say, Cameron is, um, very far from my favorite character ever, but I do like the way she's written here. :)

Thank you. That's particularly gratifying, since she's not my favorite character, either. ;-) Also, I have to say that the use of your icon is cracking me up!

Aww... Cameron/Wilson is my secret OTP. I like the way they interact and I love the way they fit together over their mutual obsession with House. Cameron's stipulation about no House talk fits them very well indeed. Well done!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. :)